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Scientific Equipment

Brand: Groz Beckert
Origin: China, Korea, Japan

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Brand: Nova Elevator Parts
Origin: China

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Brand: Groz Beckert
Origin: China/ Korea/ Japan

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Brand: JMG International
Origin: Bangladesh

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Brand: SKF/NTN
Origin: Germany/ France/ Japan

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Pricekoto is an online sourcing service for buyers to Indents and get Quotations from verified suppliers. It is the most time and cost saving sourcing tool for both buyers and suppliers. It eliminates middle men from the process therefore buyers are interacting with suppliers directly making the prices more competitive.

The real advantage come from receiving multiple quotes on every time which gives an idea of the real market price and eliminates overpricing. All prices are provided by supplier in real time therefore actual fluctuations of the market are accurately captured.

Pricekoto regulates a mandatory Know Your Customer (KYC) process for all its Buyers and Supplier. This process helps to manage risks of transaction prudently and assists the Buyers in making real business deals.


Pricekto.comNew and highly promising concept in the field of IT.
Imteaz Uddin Khan
Head of Supply Chain, BSRM Group of Companies.
Pricekto.comIt is good, I would highly recommend it to other companies to start using this
Ali Mahbub Hossain,
Lead Purchase, BSRM group of companies.
Pricekto.comFuture of Bangladesh is in IT sector and PriceKoto will be the leader in its
Salauddin Yousuf,
Director, Lubref.
Pricekto.comExcellent purchase management tool.User-friendly, cost effective and versatile applicability. Wish you all the
Brig. Gen. Farooque Ahmed Chowdhury,psc, PEng(Retd)
Executive Director (Purchase & Procurement), HA-MEEM GROUP